In your arms 6 Glow Isabelle


In my personal arts-based projects, motherhood & family are at the heart of my work. I research and photographically depict memories, ambivalent feelings and powerstructures within themes as sexuality and the motherbody, the good/bad mother, mother-child relationship and maternal mental health.

With my work I express lived experiences of being a feminist mother. I’m moved by the way mxthers from all over the world experience, express, empower and learn from their feminist mothering.

I explore and research themes as pregnancy & birthing, body politics & sexuality, social reproduction & unpaid labour, maternal mental health and the domestic within a social, cultural and intersectional perspective. This in-depth perspective is necessary to acknowledge, subvert and dismantle oppressive power structures mxthers (may) experience. With my work I aim for agency for mxthers on mothering their children.


​My latest work is about pregnancy, birthing and post-partum/maternal mental health. A current theme I’m exploring is the 'Madonna and Child'-motif in photographic (maternal) art.

I am also working on a long-term project of a visual historiography on 'the photographical image of the mxther' in visual art.


As an artist*researcher*writer*zinemaker I advocate for womxn who are mothers and artists. Within the arts, the myth of the childless-artist still haunts artists who are/want to be a mxther/caregiver. This ‘ghost' needs to be dismantled to gain equal and justice positions of mxthers within the arts.

With glowing love, Isabelle